Internship position open @ OrgLab !

Want to join our research team and mature empirical research competences on organizational studies? OrgLab is the Organizational Research Laboratory of Department’s of Economics and Law at University of Cassino and Southern Lazio . The laboratory carries out research on a variety of topics, ranging from coordination mechanisms to open source, from asset management organizational structures to AI simulations of organizational dynamics, from Blockchain/Bitcoin’s distributed systems to innovative businesses and processes.  We are offering the exciting opportunity of an internship position for GLEB students who want to improve their skills on organization design, research methodologies, data analysis-simulation tools and innovative approaches to organization and business development!

Internship Description

The Junior Assistant Analyst will support all the research activities of the laboratory’s team. The duties will cover data collection and management, empirical experiments’ design and execution support, creation and optimisation of process models following EPC and BPMN methodologies, design, development and validation of agent based simulations of complex systems. Furthermore, the Junior Assistant Analyst will be called to create articles to be published on the University’s or Laboratory’s website covering the topics and findings of carried out researches. The intern will report directly to the laboratory’s Scientific Director Prof. Francesco Bolici.

Research Topics:

  • Open Source Software
  • Open-Citizen science
  • Asset management companies organizational performance
  • Opportunistic behaviors
  • Blockchain/Bitcoin
  • Agent Based Modeling
  • BPMN/EPC modeling
  • Innovation.


Summing Up

  • Position title: Junior Assistant Analyst
  • @ OrgLab
  • Location: Folcara Building, Cassino (Italy)
  • Reports to: Scientific Director Prof. Francesco Bolici
  • The best fit candidate: 
    • Passionate about organizational dynamics and complex social systems
    • Possess skills at assessing issues and defining solutions
    • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
    • Finds creative ways to explain technical topics to non-technical audience
    • Capable of thinking out of the box
  • Approximate duration: 8-14 weeks (depending on the number of hours per week agreed)
  • Key areas of responsability: 
    • Support the research team in designing and performing empirical experiments
    • Collect, organize and analyse research data
    • Model processes following EPC and/or BPMN standards
    • Design, code and validate agent based simulation models
    • Create online content based on the topics of research
  • Position is open until filled – Deadline for application February 10

To apply for the position send us your Resume or CV and include a PPT deck (max 6 slides) describing why are you interested in this internship, and why are you the right person to join our team.