Presenting our research @ WOA 2017

In mid February we are attending WOA 2017 – “Organizing between reality and appearance in times of change” organized by ASSIOA and hosted at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa.

We will present a research paper on the relationship between performances and organizational changes in highly competitive sectors. Analyzing a longitudinal (1 year) dataset with more than 6000 mutual funds (collecting info on their organizational structure, performance and team composition) we found that fund-performances can impact the dynamics of team composition. For example, under-performing funds show a tendency to recruit highly experienced and often external managers, while market-performing and over-performing funds balance low and high experienced managers mostly though an internal career-path.

Don’t Change a Winning Team: analyzing the link between performances and organizational changes in mutual fund industry  by  Francesco Bolici & Nello Augusto Colella