Coordination & Collaboration

Our works on the topics of Coordination & Collaboration

Coordination mechanisms and collaboration dynamics are among our main research macro-areas.  We constantly focus on extending our investigation approach on these topics beyond the limits of canonical academic research, with a forward-thinking attitude , trying to consistently combine theoretical frameworks with many heterogenous empirical contexts. In this area, we seek for optimized solutions for managing the rising complexity of modern social and organizational dynamics. Here is a list of our most recent  works on these topics:


Robotics & Public Engagement

- Public Engagement in a Research Project: Designing Citizen Science Activities as a Part of its Business Model  - Abstract: The pervasive use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has enabled the possibility to open some scientific projects to non-academic researchers. The potentialities of distributed research systems are evident (broad geographical coverage, increased human computational power, engagement in science), while ...
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The shadow architecture behind mutual funds

-The shadow architecture behind mutual funds: how organizational factors impact financial results- Financial markets have a deep impact on people and organizations. Despite such crucial role, several aspects of how financial actors operate are still in the shadow. Our study investigates the architecture behind financial institutions: how mutual funds are managed? In particular, we analyze mutual funds to investigate their ...
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