Innovation & Digital Models

Our work on Innovation & Digital Models


“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there will be no hope for it.”

A. Einstein


The criticity of technological change, internet communication technologies advancements and evolution of business models on economic growth, productivity and quality of life ¬†has been widely recongnized both in literature and in common thinking. We attempt to further understand the processes that lead individuals and organizations towards the identification of undiscovered needs and to the creation of innovative ways to create or distribute value. Moreover, our research also aims at determining the “soft” intra-organizational and network characteristics of succesful innovative organizations. Here are some of our works on the topic:



How a startup creates innovation

-Digital-craft: how a startup creates innovation by combining traditional craft skills and technological capabilities- This article studies organizational innovation as result of the combination of different skills, mindsets, competencies, perspectives and experiences. The purpose of this article is: is. to identify an empirical case where different knowledge-domains interact, enabling the emergence of organizational innovation. Our specific research focus is the ...
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